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Hi! I'm Anne Marie. 

I grew up in Chicago, but these days call Alaska home and absolutely love it. 

My cat Flo is leash trained and sits on command. Her 90-pound dog brother Orin prefers her cat treats and toys over his own. 

My husband Tom is an ER nurse. He also has Type 1 diabetes, and it’s a big part of our life. 

My 19-year old face (along with 600 others) is immortalized on Crown Fountain in Chicago. 

I speak Italian. 

We have a “pet” moose that regularly grazes and naps in our backyard. My husband named him Michael Bolton. 

I believe photography is one of the most powerful mediums for storytelling and I dig deep to really get to know my subjects and honor their stories. 

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Based in Anchorage, Alaska

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